Spreading small business love

We adore small businesses.

Powered by Kiwi grit and ingenuity, they’re the backbone of our Pacific nation. When COVID-19 arrived at our door, it dealt a devastating blow. Our story began with a humble eCommerce solution created to support struggling Kiwi small business owners.

Our founding Facebook group, New Zealand Made Products, captured the support of a nation and was a lifeline for thousands of sellers. It remains the largest in NZ and a place where artists and craftspeople up and down the country can showcase their creativity.

We evolved to become an online marketplace where over 2000 Kiwi sellers put their hearts into bringing you products to love.

Kinder to the planet

By choosing to shop at Chooice, you kiss carbon miles goodbye.

By shopping small, you keep cash in our communities and help create Kiwi jobs. That means putting food on local dinner tables and helping buy kids football boots. We think that’s a pretty big deal.

More than a marketplace

Since the beginning, Kiwi sellers told us they wanted to ‘go digital’ but lacked the skills and confidence to go it alone. So, we linked arms and guided their e-Commerce journey, helping them adopt tools and strategies to grow their businesses online.

We keep our Chooice team lean and mighty, so we can reinvest a significant percentage of our profits into enhancing our platform and seller services. We’re continuously looking for ways to steal the limelight for our sellers through partnerships, high profile events and media stories.

Last year, we launched the Chooice Seller Academy, to increase the level of support we offer to our Chooice Sellers.

We’re here for Wāhine

Lockdown took a heavy toll on New Zealand women. Over-represented in hard-hit sectors like tourism and hospitality and more likely to do part-time or casual work, thousands of our wāhine faced unemployment and hardship.

Today, 80% of our Chooice Sellers are women. Our marketplace has enabled thousands of enterprising wāhine to thrive; by helping them supplement their incomes and start businesses fuelled by their passions. It’s a statistic that makes us swell with pride.

We embrace sustainable

True to our Number 8 Wire heritage, Kiwis are a nation of designers, recyclers, upcyclers and eco-warriors. We proudly bring you hundreds of cleverly crafted products, designed to be kinder on the environment.

Promote Your Product

And Make More Sales

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