Scooters are a great way to get the kids out and about and possibly even to school on time!

Many parents will recognise the stress of trying to get your child out of the school gates (or out of the playground) – especially when you’re in a rush. It just isn’t fun trying to locate their trusty steed from a pile of almost identical scooters…Furthermore keeping an eye on your child is one thing, the whereabouts of their scooter is not normally a concern until it’s too late!

The solution! Scoot Lock! Invented by Cheryl Fox who was born and raised in Hawke’s Bay, this trendy little scooter lock gives you peace of mind, so your child’s scooter can be left without anyone accidently (or not) walking off with it. Scoot Lock can be easily assembled at home by clamping it onto the scooter stem; once it’s attached it’ll go everywhere your scooter goes! All you need to do is use the adjustable cable that can wrap around almost anything and a combination lock so there’s no key to worry about.

Stand out from the crowd! Scoot Lock can be personalised with a variety of exciting colours and reflective (extra safe) animal badges, with limited editions to follow – who said safety can’t be stylish?

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