The Increda-peg is a multi-purpose, springless washing peg made out of 100% recycled plastic. It increases line-spacing with the additional hook-function and has been designed to outlive your average washing peg. The 100% recycled plastic enables the Increda-peg to be extremely durable. With the Increda-peg you will never have to to invest in another set of washing pegs!


100% Recycled plastic! The Increda-Peg company recycles on average 3 tons of plastic every month

Kuki Reka Kani, loosely translated means cookie cutters.

Kuki Reka refers to the delicious cookies that have been made with these cutters. Reka
means delicious in Māori and for the purposes of our products Reka also stands for:

Rauawaawa Enterprise for Kaumātua Aspirations.

We are proud that our products are New Zealand made and that they have been named and lovingly inspired by Kaumātua at Rauawaawa. They make wonderful gifts for your favourite people, should provide hours of creating and innovating in your own kitchen and the best part is no-one else
currently sells cookie cutters quite like these Kaumātua inspired creations.
Three additional designs will be released after New Year’s including the Koru
shape, the Hei Matau (fish hook) shape and the Pikorua (double twist) shape.
Check out the Rauawaawa facebook page for recipes that will be shared and keep
an eye out for other Kaumātua inspired creations that will also be released in

Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust is based in Hamilton, Waikato with
its vision being “Hei manaaki ngā Kaumātua” or “Enhancing the quality of life
and wellbeing of Kaumātua.” Kuki Reka Kani is part of our social enterprise
journey to help enable Kaumātua Aspirations with the first one being agreed by
Rauawaawa Kaumātua as creating a safer, warmer and better age friendly facility
for the Kaumātua of today and tomorrow. Keeping in mind the facility was
opened in 1941, there is a way to go
but every cookie
cutter purchase is a box of nails closer to the finish.

Thank you in advance for

supporting us by either purchasing a Kuki Reka Kani – cookie cutter or sharing this link.

Ordering Vege Markers

The process for ordering is super simple, during the checkout you will see a ‘Order Notes’ box, you can leave the list of veggies you want markers for there! Alternatively, make an order with the amount you would like and email us the list directly [email protected]

  • 195mm x 18mm (approx)

Made from Acrylic, 10x stronger than glass, UV protectant and 100% weatherproof!

    • Suitable for the whole family!
    • 148 locations throughout New Zealand!
    • As you visit each location, scratch the foil dot off the map to mark your progress!

Plan your trip and get scratching!

(Frame not included)

These necklaces are handmade using local and ethically sourced materials from small New Zealand businesses. They are personalised and made to order just for you! 🌸 

Please let me know what word you request in the “order notes” section prior at the checkout and if you what colour you request (silver or gold). The chains are also adjustable and can be made to size for children, please make a note of their age.

A heart can also be added on request for no extra charge. 

Each piece of jewellery is silver or gold plated, lead and nickel free and tarnish resistant! They are on an elegant 19inch chain. 

Please not that words cannot be made in all capital letters as they are written in cursive. 

Te Reo Clocks – plywood finish available in a range of languages.  We are happy to make to your request.  To date we have made Te Reo, English, Cook Islands, Fijian, Niuean, Samoan, Tongan, Maltese and Spanish to name a few.  Custom clocks can take up to 10 days to dispatch.  We can even add your company or organisation logo to personalise them for corporate gifts.

These keyring sets are fun to make your own. Coming in 32 colour tassels, choose the set that works best for yourself, your family or friends.

Each set contains a 5cm acrylic circle, keychain, split ring and tassel of your colour choice. You’ll need pliers to close the split ring once everything is in place like you want. 

Please note, these come  blank. If you would like your own personalised one, feel free to message us for details 


Please allow 4-5 business days for delivery.  Shipping is free and includes tracked shipping.

Books are shipped in recycled packaging and the pages are from recycled paper.

All sales are final but if you’re looking to return your order because of a defect, we are here to help!  You can return your product for a full refund to the original payment within 14 days.