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  • Copper Rose, Long stemmed


    Handcrafted Copper Roses

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  • Zest Natural Deodorant


    Need deodorant Zest packs a fresh citrus punch, great for guys and girls. Made with organic ingredients, it’s natural, effective and contains only good stuff. Scented with lemon, lime and juniper essential oils, it’ll keep you fresh, zesty and dry all day.

    Store:  Need Deodorant
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  • SWABBO Ocean Blue


    The SWABBO Ocean is a portable Footwasher designed for the Kiwi lifestyle

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  • Mushroom Instant Super Soup


    Enjoy the rich, earthy flavours that only mushrooms bring with this special Mushroom Instant Super Soup. It is umami at its best! 

    Mushrooms not only taste great, they are also highly nutritious as they are loaded with vitamins, boost bone health, and help your immune system stay healthy.

    A delicious smooth Super Soup with chunks of assorted mushrooms blended with beautiful herbs such as rosemary and thyme.

    Its a convenient, healthy hit in a cup.

    3 servings per packet.

    All our soups are Gluten Free.

    There are no preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings in our products, and no extra sugar has been added either. It just tastes great naturally. 

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  • Sale!

    Peace of Mind


    ***Introductory price – Get Peace of Mind at $20 off the usual price, for a limited time!***

    Give yourself PEACE OF MIND in case of an emergency! 

    Peace of Mind is an expert approved, easy, fill-in-the-blank style ‘in case of emergency’ PDF for your entire family. Collate and organise your most essential information so that if you ever do experience a personal emergency or disaster your family will have everything they need, for any situation, all in one place. 

    Each purchase contains a downloadable ZIP file with individual PDFs for up to 6 adults, 6 dependent children and 6 pets – enough for your entire family, no matter the size. The Adult version contains over 100 pages. Simply fill out the sections that apply to you.

    Includes comprehensive information on each of the following:

    Personal, Medical, Insurance, Financial, Property and Business, Digital Footprint, Illness and Injury, End of Life, Important Documents and Emergency or Natural Disaster Plans.

    Store:  Peace of Mind
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  • 2 inch Glitter acrylic


    Perfect for crafting keyrings

    We're in the process of shutting our store. Chooice shipping is not currently working. Please contact us at if you'd like to place an order. Thank you for your understanding
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    Store:  Crafting Blanks
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  • Spice Labels (Individual)


    Individual spice labels.

    These measure  approximately 1.2cm high and vary in length from 2cm to 7cm depending on length. 2 word labels can be cut and placed over 2 lines.

    Please let me know in the “order notes” if you have a limited space for your label and must be kept to a certain size. 

    Please choose your colour and font (I highly recommend choosing a bolder font for these small labels – calling, marker, lily work well) 

    Please type your order into the “order notes” on the final check out screen. 

    Please note: price is per label. You will need to select the quantity you are wanting. 

    Chives = 1 label

    Poppy Seeds = 1 label 

    Example – Order notes (Found on the final check out screen)

    Calling font Black colour

    Chives Dill Cumin  Mixed Herbs 

    Store:  Sticky_Bambam
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  • Can holder blanks


    We're in the process of shutting our store. Chooice shipping is not currently working. Please contact us at if you'd like to place an order. Thank you for your understanding
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    Store:  Crafting Blanks
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  • Retro Coin 10c


    Our Retro Coins are hand made from interior casting plaster and are a raw, natural, very light, off-white colour which suits the contemporary design. The size is 285mm in diameter and 15mm thick. They weigh approx 1.1kgs and come packaged ready to hang.

    Currently we have these coin options available to purchase:
    1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent and 50 cent
    Store:  One Lane Bridge
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  • Kuki Reka Kani – Pikorua (single twist) shaped single cookie cutter


    We are thrilled to bring our very own, Pikorua-single twist shaped single cookie cutter to you. This product is made from food grade polypropylene with an aluminium dowel insert and has been designed and manufactured right here in Hamilton, New Zealand. These cookie cutters are dishwasher and child safe. We recommend that they are placed
    on the top rack when putting in the dishwasher. In addition we recommend
    washing your Kuki Reka Kani and allowing it to dry thoroughly prior to use.

    The dimensions of these cutters in millimeters are – 

    Paua = 70mmW x 102mmL x 65mmH

    Kete  = 70mmW x 81mmL x 65mmH

    Pikorua = 65mmW x 94mmL x 65mmH

    Where W=width, L=length and H=Height 

    Kia ora koutou! Our sincere thanks to you all here on Chooice for your amazing support - the Chooice team, Soliel in particular has been beyond wonderful and we cannot say thank you enough for all that you have done. We are temporarily closing our shop to transition to shopify with our own address: If there is anyone needing support for any of the orders made through our Chooice shop please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much again for all your support, Stage 2 of our facility upgrade for our Kaumātua starts next month, because of it! Now we only have $4 Million left to raise for the last Stage! Ka nui te mihi The Rauawaawa Kaumātua Charitable Trust team
    Store:  Rauawaawa
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