/ / / Art Xmas Cards (Pack of 6 – Mixed) – “Meri Kirihimete” (Nature Series – Hot Summer) New Zealand “Specialty Cards”

Art Xmas Cards (Pack of 6 – Mixed) – “Meri Kirihimete” (Nature Series – Hot Summer) New Zealand “Specialty Cards”


Art Xmas Cards (Pack of 6 – Mixed) – “Meri Kirihimete” (Nature Series – Hot Summer) New Zealand “Specialty Cards”

Dimensions: 145mmH x 145mmW Square Card and 150mmH x 150mmW Envelope

Retailing in Shops for $6.99 individually so a saving when you buy by the Pack!!!!

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Art Xmas Cards (Pack of 6 – Mixed) – “Meri Kirihimete” (Nature Series – Hot Summer) New Zealand “Specialty Cards”

Dimensions: 145mmH x 145mmW Square Card and 150mmH x 150mmW Envelope

Retailing in Shops for $6.99 individually so a saving when you buy by the Pack!!!!

I wanted to paint a series of contemporary style small paintings that I could reproduce into prints. I ended up painting seven images and named them accordingly for the Nature Series – ‘Hot Summer’.

The Pohutukawa flower comes from our New Zealand Xmas Tree and looks spectacular in summer lining most of our coastlines as well as other areas of New Zealand.

The tree becomes ablaze with the lovely red flowers and Maori believe that if the tree flowers prior to Xmas, it means the Kaimoana (Seafood) will be fat and great to eat!

The Harakeke (flax) is used in Maori Arts and Crafts and it also has great health elements to it. It grows prolifically all over New Zealand.

The Toi Toi grows all over New Zealand and it has the most lush fluffy looking feathery ends to it.  

The Tumbleweed can be found on many New Zealand beaches and delights many a child as They chase it tumbling over the dunes in the wind. 

Kina is a very sought after delicacy, especially with Maori! I wish I liked it as much as my husband did. I tried it several times but I just don’t have the taste for it.  The shells are also sought after as ornaments.

The Paua is a very sought after delicacy, especially with Maori! It possibly would be my most favourite seafood! I can eat it raw, creamed, frittered….Oh my goodness, I’m drooling!

The shells are also sought after as ornaments and the paua has also been made into fine Jewellery.

Not only is the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel great to eat, it is very sought after world-wide for it’s great medicinal qualities.  

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