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  • Sale! Crackling CampFire



    WHAZAPI FACE MASKS, spread the look not the virus. 

    Image 1: Crackling Campfire

    Image 2: Bubblegum

    Image 3: Left – Desert Lights Right – Dyed Blue and Purple Paint

    Store:  WHAZAPI
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  • 8 Kiwi Critters stories with kiwi and pukeko 12cm plushie soft toys and a gift card plus free shipping


    Set of 8 Kiwi Critters stories with 12 cm plushies and a gift card plus free shipping.

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  • Soap Letters


    Handcrafted cold process soap letters

    Assorted colours & fragrance

    Colours are chosen at random. Choose your letters from the drop down menu and add to cart.

    When choosing more than one letter, we will do our best to get a good mix of colours for you.

    sizing & pricing is based on thin vs thick letters:

    SMALL: I J L T

    MEDIUM: rest of alphabet

    LARGE: M W

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  • Beach Towel Pegs (x4 Black)


    x1 package of x4 Beach Towel Pegs that clip on to your towel and stake into the sand to ensure your towel never flies away or flips up gathering sand with it ever again. 

    The pegs are 22cm in length, around 1cm in width, and extremely sturdy.

    Please note:

    • Clip colour may vary due to supply levels (either white or clear)
    • Shipping Monday-Friday
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  • Gassy Goosey 2 Book Bundle


    Gassy Goosey is a self-published children’s book series – written in New Zealand, illustrated in New Zealand, and printed in New Zealand. Support local.

    The first and second book in the Gassy Goosey series.

    Everybody knows… If you hear Goosey farting, close your eyes, and cover your nose!

    Always one to see the positive in every situation, Goosey is an unsuspecting hero with a secret weapon — his stinky gas! Can Goosey’s unusual gift help his friends in need?

    Join Gassy Goosey and his animal friends as he saves the pond from a hungry hawk who wants to eat them all up for lunch, and solves a case of a chimpanzee’s missing bananas at the zoo! Readers will delight in Gassy Goosey and his wild adventures, in this rhyming story filled with excitement and laughs.

    Softcover book
    Written by Neil Geoffrey
    Illustrated by Richard Hoit

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  • Taira-Heiria / Limited Edition Giclee Fine Art Print


    Number 7 in the “Wahine in Gold Series “ by artist Josh Kiwikiwi.  

    This ongoing series focuses on what is Polynesian, namely who identify as Wahine Maori, and how can they be represented. 

    Embellished in gold Josh respectfully illustrates powerful imagery. Referencing from both the Maori world and other cultures that are intertwined with it, Josh depicts strong Wahine from Aotearoa and the wider Ao. 

    “Taira-Heiria” Embodies All Wahine Toa, those who are leaders, Pillars, & Mothers. She wears her achievements, her knowledge, courage and strength with a proud grace. 

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  • One Little Fantail


    Meet New Zealand’s beautiful birds, Anne Hunter’s delightful rhyming story introduces young readers to a number of New Zealand birds, with beautiful illustrations by Dave Gunson.A wonderful book to read aloud to young children.

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  • Sale!

    Period underwear | Serene | Organic cotton


    Feel comfortable and empowered wearing soft organic cotton period undies. 

    Heavy flow  

    Suitable for use all day or night. Super absorbent, underwear can hold: 40 ml, 3 to 4 pads worth.

    No leakage

    Four layers of protection. Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and a leak-resistant barrier. 


    Soft, breathable natural organic cotton fabric and no nasty smells. 

    Other uses: great for use postpartum or for mild incontinence. 

    Benefits: washable and reusable. Less need for ‘disposable’ single-use pads/ tampons meaning less waste produced across NZ.

    Easy care instructions: after use, rinse under a cold tap, normal cool wash (ideally in a laundry bag), line dry then wear again! 

    With each purchase, Bumbling supports Te Rahi o Tane- to plant native trees across Aotearoa.  

    Store:  Bumbling NZ
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    Fabric Crown


    Handmade fabric crown, perfect for dress ups or even a birthday. 

    Each gorgeous crown is reversible and has a ribbon tie which makes it adjustable. 

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  • Set of 4 Kiwi Critters Books includes free shipping


    The Kiwi Critters is a series of fun, easy to read rhyming stories for young children aged 2-6 years.

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  • Custom Birthday Gift


    Can’t think what to get for that notable Birthday, look no further.
    Get your custom newspaper style print here, with notable events from their year of birth.

    Store:  JasoNZ
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  • Before I work & Because I work


    Let them know you appreciate them with a personalised gift box

    Store:  Creative Styles
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  • Lil Chonk – Kitty Cat


    Lil Chonk – Kitty Cat

    Original handmade little collectables. 

    I loved making these little guys, and will be doing more animals in this style in the future, eventually leading to a neat little collection of Lil Chonks. I hope you all love them too ??

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  • Sale!

    Food Fight


    Food Fight is a fun and educational card game that teaches children about nutrition and Te Reo M?ori.

    Store:  Food Fight
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  • Twinkle Tickle Little Star


    Anne Hunter’s playful and delightful rhymes, along with Dave Gunson’s superb illustrations, perfectly capture the unique characteristics of a range of creatures and plant life that young children commonly encounter when exploring the New Zealand seashore.A fantastic addition to any children’s book collection.

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