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  • Womenclan Magazine


    Womenclan magazine is a celebration of women in Aotearoa. It features 108 pages of words, photos, faces and stories shared by wāhine in NZ and beyond. Read interviews with divers, spear-fishers, skaters, designers and surfboard shapers. See the South Island’s mountains, Baja’s dunes and Egypt’s deserts with photo series from our contributing photographers. (MORE STOCK ON THE WAY)

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  • Just End It + FREE shipping


    The story of 12-year-old Jessie, and the challenges she faces growing up in the digital age. Recommended for readers aged 10-13 years.

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  • Pink Flower Merino Cardigan

    Merino Flower Cardigan


    Girls Merino Flower Cardigan

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  • soft, sensory 3-sided toothbrush (green) – kid’s size


    This toothbrush has three sides which clean the teeth front, back and occlusal surface all at the same time!

    Toothbrush Overview:

    3-sided toothbrush guides cleaning and encourages independence.

    Gently stimulates and massages the gums.

    Fast, easy, and effective cleaning.

    Virtually no wrong way to brush your teeth with the brush.

    Gets all 3 sides of the teeth clean without struggle.

    Reduces plaque and gum disease

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  • Marshmallow Twist Earrings!


    Anyone else love eating these or is it just me? The classic blue, white, yellow and pink marshmallow twists – on your ear! Beware, you might find your sweet tooth activating while wearing these! The sweetest gift you could ever give, even to someone who has everything!

    These are about 1.4cm long and 1cm wide!

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  • Squeezy-peasy! – fidget bag tag


    These squeezy peas are fun, therapeutic and you can take them anywhere! – Keep them in your pocket or attach them to your bag or pencil case, it’s easy-peasy! (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

    Fidget toys can  help to relieve anxiety in overstimulating environments, and are a fantastic aid for children who have trouble sitting still. They’re great for peeps with ASD, ADHD, SPD, and social anxiety.

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  • Jammy Biscuit/Shrewsbury’s Earrings! – Handmade from Polymer Clay


     Delicious looking biscuit earrings with a jammy filling! Made and assembled in the order that real cookies would be! Imagine how cute they’d look with your outfit, they’d also make a great gift for any jammy biscuit lover!

    Store:  JoyGodwinCrafts
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  • colour changing, soft silicone LED cat touch lamp


    At the heart of every sensory room are calming sensory lights. For autistic users, autism-friendly lighting in a sensory room can improve a child’s focus and attention to detail while in a fun, relaxing and safe space.

    Made with non-toxic silicone, this cat night light is a great bedtime companion for your little one. Its adorable design is the perfect addition to your nursery or kids bedroom!

    Depending on your mood, you can choose between a warm white light or a 7-color mode (static or breathing mode that cycles through the colors). Simply tap the soft silicone surface to change the modes. To lock it on a specific color, just tap the night light when you see the desired color. Tap it once more to automatically cycle through the colors again.

    Great for people with Autism, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, (and pretty much every child ever!)

    Takes 3x AAA batteries (not included)

    Size: 10.5 x 9cm


    Batteries are easily accessible – not for children under 3 years

    (for older children use at your own discretion)

    Combined shipping – if you’re looking for combined shipping please contact me with the items that you’re interested in and I’ll give you a quote :)

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  • Wooded balance stones – 5 piece set


    Need some balance in your life?

    I believe the origin of these stacking stones / building blocks is in the Japanese practice of piling stones. Each block is different in size and shape, just as stones are in nature. 

    These are ideal for building towers, landscapes and for piling up as the child has to consider the best way to place each block, resulting in a ton of problem-solving and wrist rotation. These are fantastic for promoting creativity, resilience, and persistence and for developing concentration and coordination. The blocks are smooth and tactile. They are lovely to touch and to have in your home.

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  • Unisex, forest animal Russian / nesting dolls (made from wood!)


    These toys are also referred to as Matroshkas –  they’re both fun AND educational!

    Russian dolls are the perfect gift for children who enjoy lining things up, and ordering/sequencing (that’s math baby!).

    They’re also good for kid’s who like enveloping items in their play. And the act of opening and closing lets children practice fine motor skills.

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  • Raspberry Twist Candy Earrings! – Handmade from Polymer Clay


    Anybody for some raspberry twists? One of my favourite candies! These would look very sweet hanging from your ears – great for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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  • soft, sensory toothbrush (green)


    Get those peggies shining bright!

    Before we found the right toothbrush and toothpaste, let’s just say toothbrushing was a challenge! It can be incredibly uncomfortable and even painful for a lot of kids (adults too).

    These toothbrushes are super soft and the plastic head is smaller than your average toothbrush, which makes it feel much less invasive in your mouth. I personally have switched to this toothbrush as well and I love it – I’m never going back!

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  • Juicy Strawberry Dangle Earrings- Handmade from Polymer Clay


    Cute little strawberries, fresh, juicy, and hanging from your ear. These would be perfect for any occasion (especially picnics, gardening, and of course frolicking around your small cottage in the countryside). 

    Store:  JoyGodwinCrafts
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