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  • Lola’s Wings – Children’s Book


    Beautifully written and illustrated by Christchurch locals, Lola’s Wings is a children’s story to inspire self-love, self-acceptance, and to encourage young children not to compare themselves with others. 


  • King Tūī Had a Hui Book


    Out Now!

  • My Amazing Brain, Kid’s Activity Book


    My Amazing Brain is a brain based activity book for 4-12 year olds, designed to help kids and their parents connect more! The activities use little or no equipment and are beneficial to developing brains.

    Modern life is busy for parents! So My Amazing Brain was created to give you a whole bunch of activities to have up your sleeve. Use it each week to relax together, spend time in nature, get them moving outside or to integrate more music into your lives. 

    My Amazing Brain combines 6 tools to help kids be their best! Connection, Movement and Nature are ESSENTIALS for growing humans and Music, Aroma and Creativity are ENHANCERS that can be used to inspire, motivate and calm your small humans.

    Parenting is a challenge! So you’ll appreciate the tips that are threaded throughout… ways to get your kid talking about their day, how to utilise the feel-good chemicals that kids (and adults) produce, and specific facts about the body and brain.

    My Amazing Brain is designed to be treasured by one special child. Each activity has spaces to draw, design, write and reflect. It will be treasured for years to come as a snap shot in time of that special child during this stage in their life.

    Written by MUM, WIFE and PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER Victoria Jenkins who lives in Blenheim, New Zealand. 

  • Coffee table book Christchurch

    Winston’s World: The Beach


    Winston, a miniature long-haired dachshund, wants to impress his friends on his first day at the beach, but when you are a small dog in a big new place, sometimes it is an effort just keeping up.

  • Coffee table book Christchurch

    Winston’s World: The Snow


    When Winston visits the mountains for the first time, he finds there are many lessons to be learned in this strange white world – not least that pride comes before a fall.

  • There’s a Happy Moon in my Side



    “A fun way for children to learn emotional awareness and resilience skills”

    This story book is aimed at 6+ years but all ages will enjoy it. Written by Mind Health founder, coach and counsellor, Richard Black, and beautifully illustrated by Tepene Marsden.

    Also included are tools for parents, carers, and educators to help your child’s Happy Moon shine, and grow their wellbeing and resilience.

  • Sibling Wars! A children’s book from the Fairytale Fraud Collection


    A fun Hansel and Gretel retelling that encourages kids to stop fighting!

    When Hansel and Gretel are sent into ‘time out’ for fighting, they end up lost in the forest in the clutches of a lonely witch. Will the squabbling siblings be able to stop fighting long enough to escape?


    View the full range of Fairytale Fraud stories on The Fairytale Fraud series is printed right here in New Zealand! 

  • Dressed in the Best! A children’s book from the Fairytale Fraud collection


    Emperor Boxham is ALWAYS right…even when he is wrong! Find out what happens when he sets out to launch a shop selling his new ‘clothing’! 

    A fun retelling of The Emperor’s New Clothes with bonus material that encourages children to listen. 


    View our full range of Fairytale Fraud books and resources on: The Fairytale Fraud series is printed right here in New Zealand!  

  • Jack’s Giant Problem – A children’s book from the Fairytale Fraud collection


    Keen to steal even more of the giant’s treasure, Jack must find a way to grow a second beanstalk.

    This fun Jack and the Beanstalk retelling encourages children to be empathetic and think about others. 


    View the full range of Fairytale Fraud books and resources on The Fairytale Fraud series is printed right here in New Zealand! 

  • ABC’s with Sleepy Steve


    Learn the Alphabet and meet Steve's friends along the way!


    These adorable characters feature in Steve's first Book 'Sleepy Steve' and will pop up in Steve's Adventures still to come!

  • Trip Trap Trouble! A children’s book from the Fairytale Fraud Collection


    Is the grass really greener on the other side? Find out with this fun title from the Fairytale Fraud series!  

    A clever retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff with an unexpected twist and bonus material that teaches children to appreciate what they have! This book has been super popular on Amazon, with consistent best seller rankings.


    View our full range of books and resources at: The Fairytale Fraud series is printed right here in New Zealand! 

  • Taniwha – Bilingual Children’s Book


    The Taniwha is New Zealand’s best known and most loved mythological creature…

    But what do they look like? Poet Mike Johnson and artist Jennifer Rackham come together to explore this great mystery. To be read aloud for pleasure, or used as an early reader, Taniwha will delight both young and old.

    Ko te Taniwha tētahi o ngā tūmomo tupua i rongonui rawa , i tino arohatia hoki e tātou.

    Engari, he aha kē o rātou hanga?

    Kua noho tahi a Mike Johnson, he kaitoikupu ia, rāua ko Jenn Rackham, he ringatoi ia, kia whakatewhatewha ai ki tēnei āhua pōkīkī nui.

    Hei pānui- ā- waha kia ngahau ai, hei pukapuka kaipānui tīmatanga rānei. Ka koa rawa ngā tamariki me ngā pākeke ki Taniwha nei.

  • ‘Too Much Stuff ‘ Children’s Book


    ‘Too Much Stuff ‘ is a New Zealand Children’s book by Author Illustrator Shann Whitaker. It is a whimsical rhyming tale with a strong environmental message for ages 3 – 9. A great story for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Childrens Book ‘A Walk With The Rainbow Family


    ‘A Walk with the Rainbow Family‘ is a story / picture book from New Zealand for children.  the story is centred around a family of Kiwi birds, Mum, Dad and eight chicks.  Each chick represents a colour of the Rainbow.  The above price is for soft cover only.

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  • Donate – There’s a Happy Moon in my Side


    This book is a fun way for children to grow their emotional awareness and resilience. Our aim is to get 2000 copies into homes, schools and agencies.


    Help us by donating a copy(s) of this book. We will get it to where it is needed, or you can nominate where you’d like it to go – just add the recipient’s details in the section above.

    The price includes cost of shipping.