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  • Cuddly Easter Alpaca Soft toys – Large


    UPdate: all alpacas from today will be couriered (usually overnight delivery)to make sure they arrive before Easter.

    Introducing the Easter Paccas.

    Due to Covid there is a shortage of Easter Bunnies.

    So the alpacas have come to the rescue.

    These large alpacas are 30 cm high, and come with 2 marshmallow eggs.

    If you would like a smaller one have a look for our Cuddly Alpaca Soft toys  – Small, they are 20 cm high, with one marshmallow egg.

    Available in 4 colours, black, brown, fawn and white.

    Store:  Alpaca Yarnings
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  • Elimination Communication Babies Book

    Elimination Communication Babies – Potty Plan (Softcover UK English Edition 3)

    The Secret to poop-free diapers is easier than you think. The secret is elimination communication and the benefits are awesome for both baby and you. This is going to be a fun journey with your baby! What are you waiting for?

    Elimination Communication Babies is a step-by-step guide for elimination communication from birth to toilet independence. Gentle and guided assistance is offered to your baby through the three stages of toilet learning.

    Toilet independence is usually reached at a younger age using this method, and babies will experience a cleaner, healthier and more natural approach to toileting.

    This book is a light-hearted read where you don’t have to sweat the small stuff and the approach is easy and fun. This book has been peer-reviewed and accounts for experiences from many EC-parents combined to offer our best support to you.

    About our reader:

    • Expecting baby or with an infant
    • Care about the environment and healthy, natural lifestyles
    • Can see the health benefits to baby for toileting outside of clothing
    • Understand that routine and communication are important for baby
    • Are considerate of their finances
    • Understand that this method is used in most non-western countries, and throughout history until the past century in the west
    • Believe in instinctual, bonded and guided nurturing and responding to their baby’s needs
    • Believe a baby can be ‘diaper-free’ before age 2

    If you can relate to some of these points… read on, this book will be your easy guide which covers:

    • What is elimination communication
    • Understanding your communication and your baby’s
    • Part-time or full-time, day-time and night-time assistance
    • The three stages of toilet learning
    • What you will need before baby arrives
    • Cloth nappy/diaper options, and fabric choices
    • Cloth nappy/diaper management and what you will need
    • Your elimination communication routine
    • The elimination communication holds
    • Dealing with change and setbacks
    • Elimination communication when out and about
    • Elimination communication for caregivers
    • Ages and stages which include:
    • 0–4 months
    • 4–8 months
    • 8–12 months
    • 12 months to toilet independence

    Following along is easy for each age-stage and can be started anywhere up to 18 months. Elimination communication is fun, easy and clean and offers many benefits!

    Additional peer support is available in our Facebook support community ‘Elimination Communication Babies Support’ @eliminationcommunicationbabies

    Your feedback, tips and ideas matter! If you have great ideas to help make this resource better, I would love to hear from you. I aim to share elimination communication in a manner that is easy and fun. I want to break down any barriers for people to try it AND help more parents on this journey with an affordable resource. Your feedback helps me achieve this. I also love sharing your success stories to inspire others. Please reach out to me through my Facebook page at @eliminationcommunicationbabies

    Get on the potty trend – cause babies CAN potty!

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  • Knitted woolen owl blanket and booties set


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  • Cream Matinee Set


    Beautiful Cardigan set for new born baby gift or baby shower

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  • Ellie the elephant


    Hand made elephant soft toy

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  • Swan princess


    Swan princess wall hanging

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  • Affirmations – Birth Beach


    Affirmations Cards with encouraging words to prepare labouring woman for their birth journey. 

    Store:  Breathe
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  • Multi colour jacket & hat


    Beautiful Jacket & Hat for new born baby gift or baby shower

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  • Baby Shea Butter Soap


    A gentle plant-based soap suitable for dry, sensitive and delicate skin. Our Baby Shea Butter Soap contains blend of Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to provide gentle cleansing while nourishing the skin.

    Essential Oil of Lavender gives a fresh, floral scent with soothing therapeutic properties that can promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Essential Oil of Lavender is also believed to have anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, and antibacterial properties.

    Store:  anointskincare
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  • Oatmeal Bath Milk


    Oatmeal binds to the skin and forms a protective barrier helping to hold in moisture, and ease inflammation and has been used for centuries to ease irritated skin. Blended with Baking Soda, Epsom Salts and infused with Essential Oil of Lavender, our healing Oatmeal Bath Milk can help to provide soothing relief for dry, itchy skin and nappy rash.

    We grind Oatmeal until it becomes a fine consistent powder so when it is added to water, the water turns milky and binds to the skin forming a protective barrier.

    We recommend applying a deeply nourishing Anoint Baby Bar (solid moisturiser) after an Oatmeal bath to help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

    Store:  anointskincare
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  • Baby Lotion Bar & Tin Set


    Anoint Baby Bars a deeply nourishing solid moisturiser for dry skin and can help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. They can also help to encourage sleep, calm anxiety. A soothing blend of Essential Oils of Lavender and Chamomile are diluted in a deeply nourishing base of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Pure New Zealand Beeswax.

    Essential Oil of Lavender is a fresh, floral scent with soothing therapeutic properties that can help to promote sleep and heal. Lavender is also believed to have strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that support skin health. Essential Oil of Chamomile is crisp, sweet, fruity and herbaceous with soothing, calming benefits and can also be helpful to heal skin conditions.

    The concentrated natural ingredients in our Baby Bars make them extremely long lasting. A little goes a (very) long way. You can expect a full size 80g Anoint Baby Bar applied daily, to last for approximately 6+ months.

    Store:  anointskincare
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  • ‘Avery’ Hooded Cardigan, Certified Organic Cotton Knit, ‘Migration’, 6-12 months. MADE IN NZ!


    So practical is this hooded cardigan.  The hood is lined for extra warmth. 

    Store:  Chillibean NZ
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  • ‘Rowan’ Harem Pants, certified organic cotton knit, ‘Migration’, 6-12 months. MADE IN NZ!


    Cutest little harem pants!  Great for summer or winter.

    Store:  Chillibean NZ
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