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  • Personalized Name Necklace


    Personalised, handcrafted necklaces created just for you! 

    *Please enter the name you would like in the section called “order notes”. This is located at the checkout underneath where you enter your address*

    5 out of 5
  • Cotton Facemask in Fabulous Patterns


    Handmade cotton double-layer facemasks made to order. Loads of fabulous prints to choose from. Feature nose wire and adjustable ear straps to ensure they fit different face shapes.

    These are made to order, please allow 1 – 2 weeks for production can be longer if fabric on backorder. Some fabric choices have limited availability. 

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  • Worry Monster


    Hand made polymer clay Worry Monsters – A great gift idea, or as a tool to help reduce anxiety and even as a communication aid for those in your life that may struggle with such things. 

    Note: Purple is available again, but the shade is slightly different than what is in the pics here. If you would like to see a sample, feel free to email us at

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  • Sale! Crackling CampFire



    WHAZAPI FACE MASKS, spread the look not the virus. 

    Image 1: Crackling Campfire

    Image 2: Bubblegum

    Image 3: Left – Desert Lights Right – Dyed Blue and Purple Paint

    Store:  WHAZAPI
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  • Beach Towel Pegs (x4 Black)


    x1 package of x4 Beach Towel Pegs that clip on to your towel and stake into the sand to ensure your towel never flies away or flips up gathering sand with it ever again. 

    The pegs are 22cm in length, around 1cm in width, and extremely sturdy.

    Please note:

    • Clip colour may vary due to supply levels (either white or clear)
    • Shipping Monday-Friday
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  • Double Clip, Double Handle, Bungy Dog Lead- 3 in 1 lead


    Need extra control while walking your medium to large dogs???  This LEAD is what you need!

    This lead is ideal for medium to large dogs.

    It has two handles – One close to the collar clip for quick grip when crossing the road or if you see another dog or want to pull your dog away from going in another direction. The second handle has two purposes it can be used as a normal walking handle or you can unclip it to wrap around a structure to secure your dog when you have to leave it unattended temporally.

    This lead has an added feature of a bungy lead to give your dog some leeway on a walk but restrict the distance to bring them back to walk beside you.

    Price includes Shipping of $7.20

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  • NZ HotSpot magnets


    Laser Studio’s HotSpot magnets are unique mementoes featuring various destinations around New Zealand. 

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  • Origami Earrings | Traditional Paper Crane | Blue


    Origami crane earrings in the traditional paper crane design, made with a navy blue patterned paper.

    5 out of 5


    Children’s and Adults Face Mask available. Double layer. There are 2 styles to choose from and several fabric choices available – subject to supply

    Please refer to photos to make your choice of Boy’s, Girl’s, Teen/Ladies or Teen/Men fabrics. 

    100% Cotton fabric

    Store:  Fidgety Fingers
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  • Spotify Custom Keyring! Christmas Stocking Filler


    The Perfect Unique Gift!

    A longstanding Bestseller for us – These keyrings feature a custom Spotify code, that when scanned in the app returns your chosen favourite song!

    Every keyring comes with its own designed card, all crafted right here in NZ by us. 


    • Select one of our gorgeous Coloured Keyrings and Add to Cart
    • Either add your Spotify Song/Artist or paste a Spotify Link into the Notes Section at Checkout
    • If you miss the Notes section that’s fine! We’ll email you requesting this information including options for Card Design & adding a Custom message
    Orders & Auckland Pick Up Welcome until 23rd December. All other Non-Pick Up Orders will be shipped Monday 10th January
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    Store:  The Custom Lab
    5 out of 5
  • Personalised Handmade Leather Wallets for Men


    These Personalised Leather wallets make useful as well as meaningful gifts for men . Personalise it with a mongogram/ Name and a personalise message. These are made for NZ notes and  larger with a clear ID window.

    Store:  Etch Cetera
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  • Origami Earrings | Butterfly Design | Black Sakura


    Origami earrings in the butterfly design, made with a black paper patterned with white and pink small cherry blossoms.

    5 out of 5
  • Repurposed Bike tube feather necklace


    Feather necklace lovingly snipped by hand from discarded bike tube, this feather is so light to wear. A versatile accessory that is funky and stylish. I am wearing a 13cm feather in the grey top with the chord knotted at 52 cm but the full length is 64cm. In the orange top, the feather is 10cm. 12cm  and 8 cm length feathers also available, but please contact me if you would like a different sized feather or some other variation. Pictured being worn is the traditional Huia shape but I also have the more common pointed feather shape too. These feathered rubber necklaces look delicate but they are very robust and the rubber is stretchy, so they are not easily broken.

    Store:  Made by Fi
    5 out of 5
  • Christmas Ornaments


    Laser Studio’s Christmas ornaments feature our NZ HotSpot and Seasonal collections in a 45mm round triple-layered bamboo 3D picture. Finished with a small ball chain, these could also be used as a key-chain once you take the tree down.

    The front side features a layered image, and the back has a short message etched on it. ‘Merry Christmas’ is the default, with an option to customize your message.

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  • Origami Earrings | Koi


    Origami earrings in the koi design, made with a brightly patterned paper.

    5 out of 5