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  • Fashion Designer Kit for Kids. Learn to Create Designs Quickly, Sew, Decorate & Re-Design


    Create many different designs for your mannequin.   Learn to use the easy no-sew patterns first Ages 8+Learn to sew & re-design patterns using real tools. Make dresses, skirts, tops, pants, capes, a hat and much more.Warning: Encourages creative & imaginative play, makes basic math fun & helps with fine motor skills. Hours of fun.Great practical gift, take your fashion design kit wherever you go in the recyclable box.Minimal plastic included. Please Note: You need: scissors, pencil & ruler. Fabrics will vary & adult supervision is required

    Store:  Fabric n Stitch
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  • Mint Absorbent Lace Underwear – Super Heavy


    New Zealand Owned – Auckland Based.

    Our leakproof reusable undies are made for Periods, Post-partum and Incontinence comfort. They are extra absorptive, composed of 5 x leakproof and breathable layers. These are hip huggers, designed to sit just under the belly button and lightly squeeze the hips and around the legs, to provide you assurance and comfort. 

    With an extra leakproof layer compared to our classic period undies, these are suitable for urinary incontinence, postpartum incontinence and overnight and heavy-flow periods. They hold up to 60ml. We recommend changing in maximum 12h.

    Made of bamboo fabric, the absorbent underwear is not only one of the most sustainable fabrics, it’s more absorbent than usual cotton, it is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and more durable. 

    Care Instructions:

    We recommend soaking your leakproof postpartum/incontinence undies in cold water before washing them.  If after a few months, you want to freshen them up, soak them in white vinegar for 10 minutes before the wash.  Do not use a dryer, as high temperatures can damage the leakproof layer. Line dry only. 

    We recommend 6x pairs of period undies to get you through your menstrual cycle ditching disposables 100%!

    Store:  Mint Global
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  • Eco Savvy Handcrafted Soap “Restore” Creamy Oatmeal & Shea Butter


    “Restore” handcrafted bars of creamy soap, which include oatmeal for exfoliating with a Shea butter base.  

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  • Shower Steamers Lavender Vanilla


    Shower steamers, get all the relaxing benefits of a bath from your shower. Releasing stress and tension with an amazing combination of special scents and oils. Allow the steam from your shower to activate the aromas in your shower steamer and fill your shower with divine scents.

    For soothing and relaxing, melt they stress away.  The vanilla blend along with the classic, herbal peacefulness of Lavender are perfect for bedtime. Diffusing this in the shower before bed is a great way to wind down after a long day.

    Store:  DiffuseNZ
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  • Scratch Golf Map


    How many golf courses have you played around NZ?

    Scratch Golf NZ is a great way to keep track of your golfing conquests, with over 220 18-hole golf courses to scratch off after you play.

    Maybe the only way to ever call yourself a scratch golfer…

    Product Details

    200gsm gloss artworkA2 or A3 sizeSilver Scratch Off Ink After scratching, the dots will become red to easily identify the courses you have played.

    Frames not included.

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  • Mermaid Tail Blanket (medium) (Copy)


    Welcome to Snuggle Tails.
    We are a small enterprise making good quality mermaid tail blankets and shark tail blankets here in New Zealand. Our blankets are not like the cheap versions you see around, ours are thick soft, well made and will last.

  • Sale! Northland bag

    Northland canvas shopping bag


    Northland canvas and jute shopping bags, designed and printed in NZ. Super sturdy and unique to the Far North.

    Store:  Freedom Road
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  • Should I Pat Pat?


    A fun interactive children’s picture book that teaches what to do when
    they see a dog. Is the dog being walked by its owner? Is it alone? Or
    does it have a job to do?

    Store:  MonRowe Books
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  • Personalised stand (Dog not included)


    Why not add a personalised stand for your dog cutting?  To purchase, add this to your basket along with your dog cutting. 

    During checkout you will have the option to enter optional “Order Notes”.  Please use this field to list the name(s) you require.  Alternatively, after paying for your items, please email with the name you require, and your order number. 

    As these stands are cut to fit, they are not available for purchase separately.

    Store:  Plumtree Craft
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  • Antique look cut glass candy jar tall – hand poured soy wax candle


    Whether you want a candle to create ambience, atmosphere, romance, relax you or fill your room with delicious scent, this stunning range of candles will be a winner! 

    Antique look cut glass Candy Jar with a variety of stunning scents.  330ml pour approx with a approx burn time between 60 – 85 hours.  Wood wick used to finish off this gorgeous look and create ambience. 

    Pick ups available in Auckland and courier throughout NZ within 1-3 business days,  refills are available at reduced cost, as who would want to waste this gorgeous jar.  Jars can be washed out with hot soapy water once finished and used for so many different things. 

    Store:  Paddingtons
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  • Stainless Steel Garden Art – CAT


    Stainless Steel Garden Art – CAT

    Store:  Animal Art
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  • Period underwear | Serene | Organic cotton


    Feel comfortable and empowered wearing soft organic cotton period undies. 

    Heavy flow  

    Suitable for use all day or night. Super absorbent, underwear can hold: 50 ml, 3 to 5 pads worth.

    No leakage

    Four layers of protection. Antimicrobial, moisture-wicking and a leak-resistant barrier. 


    Soft, breathable natural organic cotton fabric and no nasty smells. 

    Other uses: great for use postpartum or for mild incontinence. 

    Benefits: washable and reusable. Less need for ‘disposable’ single-use pads/ tampons meaning less waste produced across NZ.

    Easy care instructions: after use, rinse under a cold tap, normal cool wash (ideally in a laundry bag), line dry then wear again! 

    With each purchase, Bumbling supports Te Rahi o T?ne- to plant native trees across Aotearoa.  

    Store:  Bumbling NZ
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  • FatLippy TRIO – Essential LIP Treatment


    FatLippy TRIO is your essential LIP treatment kit, full of Organic NZ ingredients.

    1. FatLippy Honeysuckle Scrub is a NZ honey based exfoliating formula which removes the old dry skin cells, and conditions the lips so they are more receptive to the FatLippy HA+ Restorer. FatLippy scrub helps with pigmentation around the LIP area and reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles.

    Daily Ritual – 3 x weekly on clean lips, massage gently for one minute using circular movements over the lips, focus on the upper and lower lip line areas. Remove with warm water and apply the HA+ Restorer while the lips are still damp.

    Made with 6 Ingredients – Raw sugar, NZ Honey, Jojoba, Castor, Ylang Ylang, Rose.

    Size – 15g jar

    2. FatLippy HA+ Restorer serum contains a high percentage of the ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, combined with a restorative blend of oils and essences. This product plumps, rehydrates and nourishes the fine LIP lines.

    Daily Ritual – Apply to wet lips and work up into the LIP lines. Use frequently but particularly morning and night. Wait for HA+ Restorer to dry on the lips, before applying balms or lipstick.

    Made with 9 Ingredients – Rose Crystal enhanced H20, Castor, Jojoba, Red seaweed, Hyaluronic Acid, Bakuchiol, Geogard, Ylang Ylang, Rose.

    Size – 10ml bottle

    3. FatLippy Balm protecting and nourishing LIP balm that delays the onset of aging and gives you healthy, hydrated lips. A unique blend of local NZ organic ingredients, enhanced with plant based active ingredient Bakuchiol.

    Daily Ritual – Use frequently to protect and nourish. Use as the final step over HA+ Restorer to seal in the moisture, before lipstick or lip gloss.

    Made with 9 Ingredients – Castor, Shea butter, Beeswax, Jojoba, Raspberry seed (natural UVB protection, Vitamin A/B, Antioxidant), Cocoa butter, flavored oils, Bakuchiol, Rose.

    Size – 10g tin

    FatLippy TRIO is a safe, natural solution to restore the natural moisture & fullness to the LIPS.

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  • Reusable face Mask / Masks – Patterns


    All orders are being shipped out daily :)

    Store:  Shore Masks
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  • T-Virus Vaccine Card Holder


    A fun way to keep your vaccine card safe.  Each holder is made with vinyl and a clear pocket for the card to fit into. 

    Store:  ZubKittyCreates
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