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  • All Good Toilet Fizzies


    Packed with three essential oils these toilet fizzies will release a powerful clean smell..

    Original:Tea Tree, Lemon and Eucalyptus.

    Septic Tank: Lemon, Orange and Eucalyptus.

    Colour Free: Original or Septic Tank

    The addition of oxygen bleach with the citric acid and baking soda for extra cleaning power.

    Pop into the bowl or cistern, leave, once fizzing is finished you can clean with a brush or just flush away.

    A great alternative to harsh chemical cleaners and suitable for septic tanks.

    20 Pack 

    Store:  All Good Bags
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  • Reusable Face Mask


    Triple-layer reusable cotton face mask. Suitable for machine or hand wash. 3D shape, for ease of wear with glasses.

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  • Yardzee


    10cm square handmade yardzee dice. Comes with 5 dice, throwing ‘cup’ and scoring card.

    Great for hours of outdoor family fun.

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  • Paua Christmas decorations


    Paua Christmas decorations 

    Away off shore with work. Will be back home late Apr 22.
    Store:  Kiwipaua
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  • Shower Steamers Lavender Vanilla


    Shower steamers, get all the relaxing benefits of a bath from your shower. Releasing stress and tension with an amazing combination of special scents and oils. Allow the steam from your shower to activate the aromas in your shower steamer and fill your shower with divine scents.

    For soothing and relaxing, melt they stress away.  The vanilla blend along with the classic, herbal peacefulness of Lavender are perfect for bedtime. Diffusing this in the shower before bed is a great way to wind down after a long day.

    Store:  DiffuseNZ
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  • Merry Jingle Bells – Bird Series


    Merry Christmas – Bird Series

    A5 White card with envelope

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  • Shower Steamer – Mixed – Bulk Pack 12 Single use


    For a limited time receive the large sized steamers for same price as standard sized steamers.

    Get Up/Go -Bergamot, Orange, Eucalyptus

    Slow Down/Relax – Lavender, Orange

    Cold/Sinus Relief – Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Menthol

    Store:  All Good Bags
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  • Bows


    Medium sized bows

    These can be put on a alligator clip or on headbands

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  • Antique look cut glass candy jar tall – hand poured soy wax candle


    Whether you want a candle to create ambience, atmosphere, romance, relax you or fill your room with delicious scent, this stunning range of candles will be a winner! 

    Antique look cut glass Candy Jar with a variety of stunning scents.  330ml pour approx with a approx burn time between 40 – 65 hours.  Wood wick used to finish off this gorgeous look and create ambience. 

    Pick ups available in Auckland and courier throughout NZ within 1-3 business days,  refills are available at reduced cost, as who would want to waste this gorgeous jar.  Jars can be washed out with hot soapy water once finished and used for so many different things. 

    Store:  Paddingtons
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  • Dryer Balls


    Set of 3 – approx 8-9cm diameter. Wool is a natural fabric softener, add all 3 balls to your dryer to reduce static, dry clothes faster and reduce wrinkles. The balls work by the wool pulling the moisture from laundry and releasing it slowly, this reduces your drying time and avoids static by not over drying laundry.No need for dryer sheets and can last for years. 

    Store:  All Good Bags
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  • Soap Letters


    Handcrafted cold process soap letters

    Assorted colours & fragrance

    Colours are chosen at random. Choose your letters from the drop down menu and add to cart.

    When choosing more than one letter, we will do our best to get a good mix of colours for you.

    sizing & pricing is based on thin vs thick letters:

    SMALL: I J L T

    MEDIUM: rest of alphabet

    LARGE: M W

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