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  • 2021 Calendar (Yeah boii we are back in stock!)- Sloth Does Responsible Human Things (Wellington Artist)


    This little dude is back in stock!! (for now! dun dun dun!) Remember to get your order in before the 18th of December so that it will beat Santa to the Christmas tree. Thank you so much for your support. It means the absolute world to me. You are all incredible. 

    Sloth Does Responsible Human Things is Rose Northey’s (a Wellington poet and artist) 2021 calendar and the coolest thing ever created (according to her mum). Every month features a new illustration in which sloth performs a variety of necessary but difficult adulting tasks such as paying taxes and maintaining cardiovascular fitness. The calendar includes daylight savings instructions, nz public and school holidays and reminders to call your best friend. This is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves sloths or any individual who occasionally finds adulting difficult (E.g. literally all of us).

    Store:  Rose Northey
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  • Africa Kite


    Cool kites for adventurous kids

    Store:  Lofty Kites
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  • The CardFit Game


    Play The CardFit Game with family, friends, workmates, or classmates.

    The CardFit Game has been designed with simple exercises suitable for most people to pick up easily.

    You don’t have to be fit to play. But CardFit is a good start and a fun way to get you moving!

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  • Christmas Coal


    Cute and playful lumps of coal. They would be great for a joke on the kids or Secret Santa 🎅 They come gift boxed as shown for collection or the box will be sent flat with filling and ribbon for you to make. They’re 6cm tall. Price is for one coal.

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  • Woodland kite


    Cool kites for adventurous kids

    Store:  Lofty Kites
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  • Arctic Kite


    Cool kites for adventurous kids

    Store:  Lofty Kites
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  • Fecal Friend – lavender scented poo toy – medium brown


    Fecal Friends are hand knitted plushies that smell like … lavender! 

    Fecal Friends are hand-knitted plush toys with terracotta eyes and are scented using essential oils.

    Cuddle up with your poo in bed at night and let the soothing aroma of lavender drift you off to sleep, or keep your poo in your underwear drawer so that your underpants always smell like – flowers!

    Every poop is unique and knitted just for you.

    – 5% of my profit as an artist goes towards helping the amazing indigenous communities who protect our beautiful rainforests from deforestation, for more information check out my website at

    (Small parts can cause choking hazards, don’t give poo to children under the age of three)

    Due to covid 19 I’m currently only shipping within New Zealand but I’ll be happy to sell to people from other countries in a few months …

    … until then, be brave and stay safe

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  • Eco Savvy Handcrafted Soap “Restore” Creamy Oatmeal & Shea Butter


    Creamy body soap bars.

    Free shipping after $55.00 (excluding rural delivery, please see store policy for shipping details).

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  • Chewable ‘Chewie’ Necklace for Sensory Seekers – Teardrop


    5 out of 5
  • Ti Rakau Earrings – Koru

    Store:  Poi Creations
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  • Contemporary Tāniko (Thin) Long


    Store:  Poi Creations
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  • Because I Cleaned My Room


    The perfect read for children and parents!

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  • Kuki Reka Kani – Pāua shaped single cookie cutter


    We are thrilled to bring our very own, Pāua
    (abalone) shaped
    single cookie cutter to you. This product is made from food grade polypropylene with an aluminium dowel insert and has
    been designed and manufactured right here in Hamilton, New Zealand. These
    cookie cutters are dishwasher and child safe. We recommend that they are placed
    on the top rack when putting in the dishwasher. In addition we recommend
    washing your Kuki Reka Kani and allowing it to dry thoroughly prior to use.

    Store:  Rauawaawa
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  • Botanical DIY embroidery kit


    Botanical flower & plant full embroidery kit , DIY Embroidery, DIY home decor, Embroidery pattern

    Store:  Fibre & Florals
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  • Batik Painting Kit - Butterfly

    Batik Painting Kit – Butterfly


    Beautiful butterfly spreading its wings, detailed design perfect for girls craft party – but also great as bedroom wall decoration or your nursery! Complete with Batik colour dyes and a brush, you will enjoy creating colourful gradients distinctive of this vibrant craft, as well as colour toning, colour mixing and colour matching, on our beautifully pre-painted wax designs. Frame up your finished painting and proudly hang on walls! The apparent ease and guaranteed beautiful results have made Batik painting a wildly popular craft in Malaysia.

    The batik silk canvases are square sized at 8″ x 8″ (21cm x 21cm), individually mounted on cardboard frame that also acts as an elevated painting surface.

    The kit comes with everything ready, only creativity is needed. Perfect as a birthday gift or a Christmas present!

    Our Batik Painting colour dye is certified:

    • Non-Toxic
    • Water-Based
    • Uses Organic Colour Pigment
    • Conforms to International Safety Standard EN71
    • If Direct Contact With Eye, Wash With Running Water


    1 x 8″ x 8″ Pre-painted wax motive silk canvas on cardboard frame

    3 x Batik colour dyes – Yellow, Red and Blue dyes

    1 x Paintbrush (Nylon Hair)

    Here’s how to paint Batik, this instruction comes with every kit!

    Batik Painting New Zealand
    Batik Painting New Zealand
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