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  • Premium Face Mask – Metamask – Washable – Replacement Filters – 99% Virus Protection Nano-filter Technology


    What do I get with my Metamask?

    • 3 sets of replacement filters; 1 pre-fitted and 2 spare to give you 900 hours of protection
    • 3 anti-fog nose pads
    • Fitting instructions to adjust the ear loops to fit your face
    • Washing instructions
    • Instructions on how to change the filters

    What Size Should I get?

    Generally your weight is a good guide to the mask size to fit your face. Our most up to date guidelines are:

    • Medium = up to 75kg
    • Large = 75-90kg
    • XL = 90kg +

    Why Choose Metamask? 

    Born in NZ, manufactured in Bali and powered by a world beating Kiwi filter, Metamasks have proudly been protecting people from pollution in Asia, Aussie and the USA for the past 7 years. The Metamask has proven its effectiveness during the Californian wildfires of 2019, the Indonesian volcano eruptions of 2017, and the 2019 Aussie bush fires. Now we are bringing her home, to her birthplace, to protect the team of 5 million with her superior performance and design:

    • Advanced nanotechnology filtration – 97.9% protection (PM.3 micron)

    • Super-breathable poly-honeycomb outer in the Aria Sport style

    • Adjustable embedded nose clip & ear loops to fit your face

    • Chin wrap for secure fit & effective air seal without gaps

    • Organic bamboo lining inside for soft & comfortable wear 

    • Skin Sensitive materials 

    • Perfect for commuting, travel, airplanes, outdoor & daily use 

    • Filters out smoke, dust, ash, exhaust, toxins, pathogens, odours 

    • Functional & Fashionable accessory 

    Metamask features a proprietary nano-coco-carbon matrix from Revolution Fibers here in New Zealand – an extremely thin nanotechnology filter providing exceptional breathability and a high capture index. This was recently tested by Nelson Labs USA and was found to capture a remarkable 99% of virus sized .1 micron particles. Your mask contains an estimated 30km of nanofibre that protects you every breath of the way. Nothing but air.

    Your cotton mask will capture only 24% of .3 micron sized particles. These are three times bigger than a virus (.1 micron). How about a scarf or bandana? Just 6% and 2% (source Our proud kiwi nano filter punches out 99% in this same world standard test. in comparison the N95 mask measures 96%…Not bad huh!! 

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  • Reusable Face Mask / Masks – Plain Colours


    All orders are being shipped out daily during Level 4 :)

    Store:  Shore Masks
    5 out of 5
  • Cotton Facemask in Fabulous Patterns


    Handmade cotton double-layer facemasks made to order. Loads of fabulous prints to choose from. Feature nose wire and adjustable ear straps to ensure they fit to different face shapes.

    These are made to order, please allow 1 – 2 weeks for production. Some fabric choices have limited availability. 

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  • Zest Natural Deodorant


    Need deodorant Zest packs a fresh citrus punch, great for guys and girls. Made with organic ingredients, it’s natural, effective and contains only good stuff. Scented with lemon, lime and juniper essential oils, it’ll keep you fresh, zesty and dry all day.

    Store:  Need Deodorant
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  • Shower Steamer – Set of 3

    🚿 Shower Steamers 🚿 

    Pop one in the corner of your shower and let the water splash on it to release the fragrance.

    Set of 3 for $6

    Choose your scent trio from drop down menu.

    More Shower Steamers are currently in production and should be ready by next weekend. Please find us on Facebook and follow our store so you are notified when more stock is available. We appreciate those who have previously ordered and for the patience of those who are hoping to purchase some soon!!! Much love, Rustic Soapworks :)
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  • Bloom Natural Deodorant

    • Need deodorant Bloom is our original scent with a new twist. Made with organic ingredients, it’s natural, effective and contains only good stuff. Scented with lavender and tea tree essential oils, it’ll keep you fresh, flowery and dry all day.
    Store:  Need Deodorant
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  • Spice Natural Deodorant


    Need deodorant Spice is made with natural organic ingredients. It is gentle, effective and keeps you dry. Spiced with patchouli, orange and clove essential oils, this warm delicious scent (my personal favourite) will have you smelling fresh all day. 

    Store:  Need Deodorant
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  • Eco Savvy Handcrafted Soap “Restore” Creamy Oatmeal & Shea Butter


    “Restore” handcrafted bars of creamy soap, which include oatmeal for exfoliating with a Shea butter base.  

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  • Mint Absorbent Lace Underwear – Super Heavy


    New Zealand Owned – Auckland Based.

    Our leakproof reusable undies are made for Periods, Post-partum and Incontinence comfort. They are extra absorptive, composed of 5 x leakproof and breathable layers. These are hip huggers, designed to sit just under the belly button and lightly squeeze the hips and around the legs, to provide you assurance and comfort. 

    With an extra leakproof layer compared to our classic period undies, these are suitable for urinary incontinence, postpartum incontinence and overnight and heavy-flow periods. They hold up to 60ml. We recommend changing in maximum 12h.

    Made of bamboo fabric, the absorbent underwear is not only one of the most sustainable fabrics, it’s more absorbent than usual cotton, it is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and more durable. 

    Care Instructions:

    We recommend soaking your leakproof postpartum/incontinence undies in cold water before washing them.  If after a few months, you want to freshen them up, soak them in white vinegar for 10 minutes before the wash.  Do not use a dryer, as high temperatures can damage the leakproof layer. Line dry only. 

    We recommend 6x pairs of period undies to get you through your menstrual cycle ditching disposables 100%!

    Store:  Mint Global
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  • Reusable double layered face mask Fern


    Double layered 100% cotton face mask

    Store:  JenniferBird
    5 out of 5
  • Face Mask

    Face Masks made in NZ for Men and Women. Quality 3 layer Cotton, contoured to face, nose wire and adjustable. Trendy to look at and comfortable to wear.

    Store:  BeJo NZ
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  • Black Cotton


    Face Masks $13 each

    Double layered 95% cotton 5% Elastane

    Elastic goes around back of head & neck area. Reusable & washable.

    Made in New Zealand.


    Small: Preschooler (2-5yrs)

    Medium: Primary age (6-11yrs)

    Large: Youth/Ladies (12yrs+)

    XL: Mens/+size ladies

    XXL: +size Mens

    5 out of 5
  • Reusable Cotton Face Masks- Tui


    Reusable cotton face masks- Tui

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  • Sale!

    Set of 8 Kiwi Critters stories plus plushies and a greeting card + free shipping!


    Set of 8 Kiwi Critters stories plus plushies and a greeting card + free shipping!

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