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Follow the steps below to post in the Chooice Facebook Group.

1) Go to the Chooice Facebook Group.

2) Click on the “Write something…” box.

post in Chooice fb group

3) Create your post and follow our post requirements:

  • Add your photo(s) or video(s).
  • Add your business or product description.
  • If you’ve purchased a Facebook Post for your Chooice store, add your Chooice store or product link.
  • If you’ve purchased a Facebook Post for your own website (or any site other than, add the link.
  • Add your social media links (i.e instagram, Facebook).
  • Submit your post.

Once your post is submitted, it will be reviewed by our team and approved in your selected time block within 72 hours.

If you need any assistance, check out our Help Centre or give our friendly team a shout via

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