About us


Welcome to Chooice!

Chooice (with two Os for more owesome) is the Kiwi-as way to shop, and we’re proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated.

Back in the day, Chooice was a Facebook group called New Zealand Made Products, but now we’ve got a new name, and a flash-as website that makes it even easier to support Kiwi! 

Want to support Kiwi businesses?

You’re in the right place! 

  • Use the Search Bar to find awesome Kiwi products

  • Click on Stores to look through our categories

  • Or have a scroll on our Home Page for some inspiration

Are you a Kiwi business?

It’s easy-as to get set-up and start selling.

  1. Click Account in the top menu to register

  2. Then follow the easy steps to set up your store

  3. If you need a hand, these How To videos should help

  4. But if that doesn’t cut it, chat to our tech nerds at [email protected]


Do you charge any fees?

We don’t charge any listing fees, but from Thursday 17th December 2020 at 12.01am, we’re introducing a 5% success fee for sellers. That 5% only comes out of the price of your product, not your shipping. 

Our third party payment gateway Stripe charges $0.55 + 3.15% for every successful card transaction.

How do I search by categories?

Just click on Stores in the top banner to filter through products by category.

I need help setting up my store

No worries at all. Log in here, and then see if these How To Videos answer your question. If they don’t, you can chat to our tech nerds at [email protected].

Please allow us 48 hours to get back to you! We’re just a small team, and doing our best to keep up.

Where can I find the vendor Terms & Conditions?

Right here.

Did I hear about a 20% commission?

Don’t worry! That’s just for businesses who choose to feature on our Chooice Live broadcasts. 

Every week, Sarah Colcord and Monty Betham (yes, that Monty Betham!) go Live on Facebook and Chooice.co.nz with an awesome Kiwi business, and our goal is to help them sell out! 

We charge a 20% commission from any sales for the 72 hours after that Live, but we cover all the other costs.

How do I feature on a Chooice Live?

First of all, we’re chuffed that you’re keen to join us!

Every week, Sarah Colcord and Monty Betham go Live on Facebook & Chooice.co.nz with an awesome Kiwi business like yours. The Live reaches over half a million potential buyers, and our goal is to help you sell out!

There’s no charge to feature on a Live, it’s just a 20% commission on any sales you make (we don’t touch shipping!). And that commission will remain for 72 hours.

We cover the cost of production, the broadcast, the host’s time, and provide access to a really big audience. And we can also help you set up your Chooice store, and even shoot your product photos!

If this sounds like a bit of you, chuck us an email at [email protected] with some details about your business, the product you’d love to hero, and any special deal you can offer, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!